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Banned Chubbycharmander Empty Banned Chubbycharmander

Post by Agwyn 8/9/2021, 9:59 pm

Name of banned player: Chubbycharmander

Time/date banned: 2021/08/09 6:30pm EST

Length of ban: Perm til appeal

Reason banned: Logged into the server, asked how to get to the End, warped to the End and then started attempting to grief the End spawn right in front of me. I told them not to grief the end spawn and they left the spawn area and went to grief another build in the end. Players called them out on their griefing and they logged off.

Tl:Dr - Banned for griefing and disrespecting server rules.

Banned Chubbycharmander Agwyn_12
Banned Chubbycharmander Screen11
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