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My Application For Member! Empty My Application For Member!

Post by CreamyBagels11 7/30/2021, 9:08 pm



Im in the discord but havent't Dmed the bot I couldn't find him

I searched for fun smp's and I looked for some unpopular ones and found it!

ikik its bad but started earlier today. I have made lots of friends and in vc

I plan on playing on this server lots and only not play if im on vacation or have school related stuff

I voted on all the things

Agree i will not give out spawned kits

Ohmymaddy, Stepbrolmao, ZeeMan78

I want to become a member so I can help the communities in ways possible. You can trust me because I dont steal and I've been with stepbro and near his house (he's rich btw) but i dont use him. we are good friends. back to my point i haven't stole from him and I wont do anything against the rules. I also am on often so I wont be doing bad things.

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My Application For Member! Empty Re: My Application For Member!

Post by echolectrical 7/30/2021, 9:12 pm

Accepted! Welcome to Oasis!
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