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HeyImNicku's ban Appeal

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HeyImNicku's ban Appeal Empty HeyImNicku's ban Appeal

Post by heyImNicku2 7/29/2021, 9:07 pm

As a long time player I should have known better then to say a bad word in the chat, I thought it was okay to say since it was just me and one other person online, and no one would have seen it but us. I thought if I said it (tits) I would have just gotten a simple kick and that's it. I was Later banned and spoke my opinions on it. I understand the circumstances and know.... yes I should not have done it... I knew better. I'm sorry saying something against the rules knowing very well I should not have. I'm a Trusted+ plus player and I should be accountable, but I also feel given my rankings that you please reconsider my temp ban. I don't have much time to play as I used to with my 12 to 8 job, and I finally got some time to play with friends... I promise I will be more carful  with what I say in chat. 

Thank you for taking some time to read my ban appeal.

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HeyImNicku's ban Appeal Empty Re: HeyImNicku's ban Appeal

Post by Cepo_3 7/31/2021, 5:02 am

Sry to say this but temp bans are not appealable.


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