Temp Banned zGrazee 1D

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Temp Banned zGrazee 1D Empty Temp Banned zGrazee 1D

Post by Agwyn 7/28/2021, 3:50 pm

Name of banned player: zGrazee

Time/date banned: 2021/07/28 3:45pm est

Length of ban: Temp, 1 Day.

Reason banned: A player asked 'who mined my diamond', they were clearly working in the area (chunk). They asked if it was you and you said no. They asked Staff to look and I asked if it was you, you said no. I said 'would you be willing to risk a 1 day temp for lying if it is you', you agreed. Logs showed it was you. So you're not getting a temp ban insomuch for stealing the diamond, but for knowing it was you and lying to me. Don't lie to Staff in the future.

Temp Banned zGrazee 1D Agwyn_12
Temp Banned zGrazee 1D Screen11
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