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$100 Dono Empty $100 Dono

Post by SpacedSloth 7/28/2021, 9:41 am

Consider it my late fee for returning after a decade. Not donated for anyone just for server support. <3

Edit: Probably should get a donation total set up for the Mrs. quite literally. $30 of it for username MrsSpacedSloth

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$100 Dono Empty Re: $100 Dono

Post by madscientist032 7/29/2021, 7:06 pm

Donation confirmed, and welcome back to the community!! We're more than happy to have you (and the Mrs.) on board!!!

$30 will go to the Mrs aka MrsSpacedSloth effective immediately. Thank you again for your continued support!!!

EDIT: you and the Mrs will have to join the server at least once before I can set up the donor perks. Let me know of any questions :)

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