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Post by Agwyn 7/22/2021, 6:21 pm

Name of banned player: Pixel3184

Time/date banned: 2021-07-22, 6pm EST.

Length of ban: Permanent, no appeal.

Reason banned: I looked into your Discord ban, I apologize for the delay on that front.

Rule 1 - We have ZERO tolerance for any racism, trolling, arguments, instigating, harassment, flaming, bullying, and the like on the Discord and you were banned for breaking that rule.

Due to you breaking that this, I must enforce this policy as clearly outlined on Discord - Please be aware that bans from the MC server carry over to Discord (and vice-versa). This means you are permanently banned from both SMP and Discord as of right now.

As you have multiple warnings and even a temp-ban from various Staff on SMP prior to your permanent, non appealable Discord ban breaking our zero-tolerance policy about disrespect; it has been decided that your ban for SMP and Discord will be no appeal.

Banned Pixel3184 Agwyn_12
Banned Pixel3184 Screen11
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