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Post by The_Kotek 6/16/2021, 3:30 pm



I haven't checked the discord server yet.

I joined back in January and just was told to apply for member.

I play about 2-3 hours a day (because of school I play less).

I have voted about more than 100 times for this server.

I will not give out any spawned items if I get passed Member Rank.

Marco10k and Piendh vouched for and I asked if they would.

I want to be a member of the Oasis MC community because there is a lot of cool nice people on this server and I want to be apart of the community. Also, even know I griefed two times I still want to be apart of your community and help you guys grow because I really like playing on this server and making new stuff!

Thank you for reading!

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Apply for Member Empty Re: Apply for Member

Post by MegaScary 6/17/2021, 2:07 pm

Approved! Welcome to the server!

Apply for Member Borgsi10

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