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Ban Appeal for PrimerSquad3

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Ban Appeal for PrimerSquad3 Empty Ban Appeal for PrimerSquad3

Post by PrimerSquad3 6/8/2021, 3:37 pm

Hello, I was banned a Month or so ago, I did not know until recently that I was able to appeal. I was banned for AFK'ing in a XP Farm, when i had to do some chores, I did not know that was a rule at the time, so when I came back I was really sad to see I was banned. This is all I can physically remember, just my ban says I was constantly pushing the rules, I personally do not remember any other times though, I am really sorry for what I have done. Please unban me, Thanks! :D

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Ban Appeal for PrimerSquad3 Empty Re: Ban Appeal for PrimerSquad3

Post by Gorecore666 6/11/2021, 7:59 pm

You arent able to appeal, it says on your ban. If you look at it you will see. Sorry you wasted your time.

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