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Banned Spudsnail (Kenoko) Empty Banned Spudsnail (Kenoko)

Post by Agwyn 6/4/2021, 12:09 am

Name of banned player: Spudsnail (Kenoko)

Time/date banned: 2021-06-04 12am EST

Length of ban: Perm til appeal.

Reason banned: Stealing from the same player's base that got you banned the first time. I froze you wanting to talk it out and you ignored me 4 separate times. I watched you attempt to place a block for almost 8 minutes. As you didn't learn anything from your temp ban issued back on the 25th of May, I'll make this perm til appeal.

Banned Spudsnail (Kenoko) Agwyn_12
Banned Spudsnail (Kenoko) Screen11
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