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Frosty Depths - An Underground Society

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Frosty Depths - An Underground Society Empty Frosty Depths - An Underground Society

Post by Mr_Frosty21 5/29/2021, 4:32 pm


Frosty Depths

2797 63 2501

I think this should be a warp because we have multiple people working on this underground society.  We already have a fully working farm, tree farm, chest room, and we are expanding still.

Frosty Depths is a town, and can be inhabited.  We left a large cavern for people to build their own houses if they wish, and we also have a floor that is more of a barracks style if people choose that.  The Interior is still stone, but on one floor so far we have started decoration.  It is ready to be inhabited.  The chest room has communal chests, free to use, to take and to replace.  We are trying to keep it open for everyone who wants to join.

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Frosty Depths - An Underground Society Empty Re: Frosty Depths - An Underground Society

Post by Emna 5/30/2021, 6:35 am

Hi! These coordinates do not lead to any sort of town/base/society. 

Although I did find what you applied for, you need to put in a little extra elbow grease as much as I hate to say this. 

It is consisting of primarily stone rooms stacked upon another and I don't believe this is up to standards just yet!

I will leave this application unlocked so you may bump it once your warp has come to near completion. I hope you understand, thank you! :)
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