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Post by quakers2k 4/30/2021, 5:19 pm

Minecraft username: quakers2k

Discord username: Quakers2k#9176

I have not yet used the discord link but i will soon.

i found out about oasis SMP after looking on websites online for servers i could join.

I have been playing for a day so far but i really like it and i got a cool base set up.

Ill probably play every other day but it really depend how busy i am.

yes i have voted for oasis already

i agree not to give out my kits to people.

i know two people who will vouch for me Tino6145 and Lyth (veteran).

I really wanna become a member because i have seen that this is a good community and that there's good and fun people who are never toxic i would love to join there ranks and overall just have a good time.

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Member application Empty Re: Member application

Post by MegaScary 4/30/2021, 6:00 pm

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