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Post by CitonicIsHere 4/15/2021, 12:56 am



I have not yet

I found this server while looking at free SMP servers to play with friends and meet new people, this server was on the first website 

I joined a couple days ago, but was recommended to sign up as a member here 

I have been spending a decent amount of time on the SMP server so roughly 6 hours a day

Yes I have, its a good way to earn money as well as support your server

I will not do that

There was a (Phrog) named Zaba who recomended me to fill this out, but I havent really messaged people accept my friend who I joined with named Basketballgirl04

I want to become a member so that I can have a role in the community as well as help and greet others. I just bought Minecraft a few months ago and I am hooked onto it. You guys can trust me because I have no intention on bringing harm to the server, but just want to help you guys grow.

Thank you for reading my application,


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Member Application Empty Re: Member Application

Post by Emna 4/15/2021, 6:31 am

Approved! Welcome to Oasis!
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