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Tempbanned JoshiPlayz_NL Empty Tempbanned JoshiPlayz_NL

Post by MegaScary 4/14/2021, 4:59 pm

Name of banned player: JoshiPlayz_NL

Time/date banned: 5:50pm AST

Length of ban: 2 weeks

Reason banned: You pushed Cepo_3 into the end farm and trapped him in it so he would die. This is a clear violation of our rules as shown here. 

Section III. Murder/Violence

a. Killing another player
On the SMP server you are not allowed to cause the death of another player in any way. PVP is disabled in the SMP world to prevent you directly damaging another player, however, there are many ways you can still cause harm. These include things such as spawning lava on them or pushing them off of a cliff. These actions are strictly prohibited. Please note that if you attack something that is owned by someone else, for example: a wolf, and you are killed, that is your fault and it does not count as murder. You should always contact a staff member if you are unsure about a death because there are many situations that can occur that can cause player killing purposely or accidently.

Edit: I've adjusted the length of this ban from 1 day to 2 weeks. 
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