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trying to be a member

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trying to be a member Empty trying to be a member

Post by Atlas_The_Cosmic 4/12/2021, 1:05 am

my discord username is Tortlebaybe#4285

I have not done /link discord

I found out about oasis through an acquaintance named BTM his full username I don't remember 

I've been playing on the server forrrr?? I think four days maybe five.

I like the server a lot so I plan on it being my main server for a while If I had to give a time list id probably say a couple of months.

I've voted for an oasis on every website listen when you do /vote

I agree to not give out any items from any and all kits at all member or not.

I do not have a mod to vouch for me however I could possibly in the future :)

I have a hard time finding things that I enjoy, and recently I was introduced to this server and it's been my newest obsession, ill spend hours grinding my stats and building. isn't that what most of us are looking for in servers? just something to tear away at the boredom lol.  I also suppose you don't have any reason to trust me yet, but I hope over time I hope I *can* make it to where you trust me and I hope to become a recognized player that the community trusts. I'm also an amateur at mc gfx video attached

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trying to be a member Empty Re: trying to be a member

Post by Agwyn 4/12/2021, 1:13 am

~Accepted! Welcome to Oasis!~
That's also a really cool video, I enjoyed it!

trying to be a member Agwyn_12
trying to be a member Screen11
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