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Banned Boabyjoe

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Banned Boabyjoe Empty Banned Boabyjoe

Post by Agwyn 4/7/2021, 11:36 pm

Name of banned player: Boabyjoe

Time/date banned: 2021-04-07 11:25pm EST

Length of ban: Perm til appeal

Reason banned: Griefing and stealing from other players.

I noticed you doing some test griefs but, as you generally repaired your griefs I was letting it slide. Once you started stealing from other players it was clear you didn't bother to read our rules or care enough to follow them. Based on our conversation it seems you were experienced with minecraft and how servers work, so I wondered if it was a lack of respect to the server and its rules. The tl:dr rules are posted at spawn and you had a summary of our rules in your hand via a book when you joined. A player not locking their chest does not excuse your actions.

Banned Boabyjoe Agwyn_12
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