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Banned Da_Mc_Guy13 Empty Banned Da_Mc_Guy13

Post by Agwyn 4/7/2021, 10:31 pm

Name of banned player:Da_Mc_Guy13

Time/date banned: 2021-04-07 10:20 EST

Length of ban: Perm, no appeal.

Reason banned: Stealing from players, including items clearly marked 'spawned by diamondkit', then posting it in Discord. When asked where they got an item they never should have had (in full knowledge of this as they are NOT a donor and when you apply for member you agree to the rules [TOS] of not stealing or having items from kits you not have access to), played dumb/lied to staff and public. Warned multiple times by multiple staff for stealing from other players, unacceptable behaviour and not listening to Staff/unable to follow rules.

Banned Da_Mc_Guy13 Agwyn_12
Banned Da_Mc_Guy13 Screen11
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