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Minicat9's Introduction

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Minicat9's Introduction Empty Minicat9's Introduction

Post by minicat9 4/3/2021, 6:22 pm

Hi everyone! I am new, so I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone at Oasis! My username is MiniCat9, I am 17, and I live in southern california! I love cats, ceramics, running (cross country and track), learning mandarin, exploring new places/cultures, and helping others! I have been playing mc for about 7ish years but stopped in between for a few years because I played too much everyday. I also love going to the beach, shopping, being with friends, and playing mc with the little free time I have. My favorite foods are watermelon and pesto pasta as well. My favorite blocks include the red and white mushroom blocks, raw white birchwood, flower pots, ALL FLOWERS, birch leaves, and lanterns. Everyone here is so kind, helpful, and welcoming, so thank you guys! I loved reading everyone's introductions cuz you all seem like really cool people!

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