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Not really a ban appeal.

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Not really a ban appeal. Empty Not really a ban appeal.

Post by xX_hisoka_Xx 3/12/2021, 10:33 pm

Hi owner of oasis smp, 

I have just got banned for inappropriate language. As other people were saying inappropriate things as well but they never got in trouble. I have never got a warning for anything nor have I ever gotten in trouble on the server before.

As you may know, I am a donor on your smp, i was wondering if you could revoke that. Since i have been banned there is no point in me paying for that role. I have read the rules on donations and there is nowhere to say that there are no refunds.

-Sincerely a old member of the oasis smp

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Not really a ban appeal. Empty Re: Not really a ban appeal.

Post by Agwyn 3/12/2021, 11:33 pm

According to https://www.oasis-mc.net/t24639-oasis-mc-official-rules

Section V. Kits, Spawned Items, Creative Mode & Donator/Oasian Rules

c. Donator Privileges
Just because you have donated does not mean you have the ability to break rules without penalty. If you are found breaking a rule you will be punished to the same extent as any other regularly playing member. Abuse of privileges may lead to loss of those permissions depending on the circumstance. The owners do not issue refunds to donators who get banned from Oasis MC or lose their donor permissions due to abuse.

This section can also be found in:https://www.oasis-mc.net/t101-donations-for-the-server

Extract from the rules regarding donations:

So it was very clearly outlined in our rules that we do not have to refund your donation because of your ban.

Not really a ban appeal. Agwyn_12
Not really a ban appeal. Screen11
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Not really a ban appeal. Empty Re: Not really a ban appeal.

Post by madscientist032 3/13/2021, 12:14 pm

You state it's not really a ban appeal but then you go out of your way to essentially request an unban. That to me is a ban appeal. Sure - you don't follow the format, but at the same time there are some things I want to address here. With that being said, I will now treat this thread as a ban appeal.  

Please allow me to run a number of things by you.

1 - Since March 2011 Donors have not - and will NEVER - have Ban Exemption. Not even my staff have ban exemption. You are held to the same rules and regulations as any other player that joins and plays on this server. The same rules apply regardless if you are guest or retired staff.  I will remind you that as Agwyn so politely and kindly pointed out to you above, We do not grant ban exemption nor overrides to donors. Period. So your plea to be unbanned because you are a donor - and subsequently your request for a refund - are both denied. I am not required to refund just because you broke the rules and got banned. You donated your own money on your behalf to support the server and it's very clearly outlined in the rules that I'm not obligated to give you a refund if you choose to break the rules as a Donor.

2 - You are NOT an "old member" of Oasis SMP. You joined less than a month ago (according to your in-game join date AND your forum account creation date). Had you been an "old member" you would have not only known the rules, but also followed and understood them, and would not have made the comments you did last evening that resulted in your ban. As a reminder - you were banned for making extremely sexualized comments, making others - including my own staff - uncomfortable. The biggest one was your view of pedophilia. We do not condone this behavior or that particular topic, and it CLEARLY violated our chat rules. For that reason,  it's pretty clear as to why this ban was issued in the first place.

3 - Your ban will not be overturned. Period. Your behavior, attitude, and lack of respect for others - including my staff and our rules/procedures - are not tolerated here.

Ban appeal DENIED!

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