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Application for member

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Application for member Empty Application for member

Post by _Sharkie___ 3/6/2021, 10:28 pm



I looked and there was no bot named DiscordSRV

I found out about oasisSMP by my friend 

About 6 days now

Everyday unless i have to do something or wont be on that day

Yes i vote for Oasis everyday

Yes i agree 

MangoPlaysMC08,Dorken,Tardus_, i couldnt get anymore

The main reason i want to be a member is because in the future it would be my dream to get the trusted rank. if i get member rank i would help people in a fun but mature way.


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Tree Puncher

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Application for member Empty Re: Application for member

Post by Emna 3/6/2021, 11:55 pm


BTW, here's what the DiscordSRV bot looks like:

Application for member J984w4LHnBssgAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==
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