i am the one

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i am the one

Post by phienix on 6/24/2011, 12:28 am

i would be a great addition to the members because im a truthful, honest, and skilled builder and can make people laugh when they need it. i am an orderly and proper person to add to the members thnx P face


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Re: i am the one

Post by ChaosTheoryJRH on 6/24/2011, 2:55 am

Hi nice to meet you. Couple of quick comments though:
1-You'll need to actually sign up and confirm you account on the forums, instead of using a guest account.
2-You'll need to use the correct format listed below. Please copy and paste that into a new thread making sure to fill it out completely.
Hope to see you on the server. Kthxbai!

Oh and make sure to read the server rules here:


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