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Post by Shred201 2/26/2021, 5:51 pm



I tried a few times but its so confusing and wont work!

I found it on the internet

A few weeks

At least a few years

Yes like a LOT

Yes of course, agreed


I want to be more then just a guest, and fit in. Youll just have to trust me. When I was new I griefed and im not proud of it, but I gave all my stuff away to the people, and now I just wish for a fresh start. I have helped regrow the farm, helped people and given away good donkeys. I just hope you trust me, thanks.

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Post by Agwyn 2/27/2021, 3:39 am

Application accepted!

You made some mistakes, admitted and learned and even atoned for them. I can respect that.

~Welcome to Oasis!~

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