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Member Application The_Adventurers Empty Member Application The_Adventurers

Post by The_Adventurers 2/23/2021, 9:17 pm

Minecraft Username: The_Adventurers
Discord Username: SolarFlareTheFlareon
Yes I have joined the discord and dm'ed the bot.
I found out about Oasis SMP from
I have been playing on the server for about a month
I plan on being in this server until I stop playing Minecraft which is guaranteed to be more than 50 years.
Yes I have voted for Oasis.
I agree not to give out spawned items from any kits I get with or after member rank.
Some people who said they would vouch for me: Japan:Mia, Phrog Zaba, Veteran Tardus, Owner: ~madsci032m Member: Rxcc
I would like to be a member because I like to help people and having people wanting me to help them would feel pretty awesome. I love Minecraft and love building and know a  bit about redstone so I know I can be of help for subjects like those. You can know I can be trusted because I have followed the rules ever since I have joined, I always try to return items I don't own (ex( I found an iron axe one time and instead of just keeping it I put in it a chest and put a sign next to it saying: "If you lost an iron axe in the water I found it and its here")). I never grief because I know how hard people work on builds and even if they didn't work hard on it, it still means something to them and unless they say they need help taking it down I will never even break a block put there. Another reason I would like to join is because the community is really nice. So many people say bye, and wb when someone leaves or joins and that's pretty rare to find in life. A lot of people have been telling me to become a member which just makes me feel so happy that people want to support me in this and that so many people wanted to vouch for me. Anyway thank you so much for reading this and I hope I can become a more prominent member in the community than I am right now and I can help people and want to be wanted for help. Tysm and seeya!

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Member Application The_Adventurers Empty Re: Member Application The_Adventurers

Post by madscientist032 2/25/2021, 2:54 pm

Approved! The_Adventurers is now member rank.

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