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PrimerSquad: Warp Nether

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PrimerSquad: Warp Nether Empty PrimerSquad: Warp Nether

Post by PrimerSquad 2/21/2021, 3:17 pm

This Warp Is Called "Nether" And It Consists Of A Nether Hub With Shops, Piglin Trading, And Other Helpful Nether Things. It Allows People To Own Shops, And Buy Things From Other People.

The Warp Is In The Nether, And The Cords Are: 
-377 53 -143

I deserve a warp because i, and many other people worked hard on this area, and it is a very high potential area. 

It is basically done, but it will have minor updates in the future regarding organization, and shops.

Thank You!

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PrimerSquad: Warp Nether Empty Re: PrimerSquad: Warp Nether

Post by Emna 2/28/2021, 3:23 am

I have some bad news. My apologies.

Unfortunately due to the abundance of warps we currently have that are farm/grinding warps (such as gold farms, regular farms, EXP farms, etc), I will be declining this warp application. 

Thank you for being patient and understanding!
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