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Application for Member rank Empty Application for Member rank

Post by Justaface84 2/18/2021, 1:45 pm

my Minecraft username is (Justaface84)
discord name is (Just a face#7472)
I have not linked my discord yet
my friend show me the server and I loved it
i have been playing for 2 weeks now and have had a great time playing
i will be playing 6 day's a week 
yes i have voted for the server
no i do not 
i can be trusted because i am going to be making a lot of YouTube videos on the server and i have seen the community I don't want to be mean everyone has been rely nice to me

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Application for Member rank Empty Re: Application for Member rank

Post by Emna 2/19/2021, 4:05 am

Accepted, welcome!
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