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Post by BloodRyder7 2/14/2021, 1:23 am


HouseWolves :zap:106:zap: #7929

No i have not but i will

i was looking around for SMP servers and yours looked amazing and i really liked the name of it also

Ive been playing i think for 5 hours or more

probably every day

i will after this


MangoPlaysMC08 said he will vouch for me

I would like to become a member because i think the server with more trusted members would make this server be very safe and a home environment for all players that play on this server.

I can be trusted because i really enjoy playing minecraft ive played for about 4 years ive always loved playing on servers and the amount of time people put into servers and build in them i wouldn't want to ruin it or want anyone else ruining it.

That is why i want to be a member

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Post by Emna 2/14/2021, 7:45 am

Accepted! Welcome to Oasis!
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