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Post by Infintium 2/9/2021, 11:45 pm

Minecraft username: Infintium

Discord username: Ford F-150#0120

I have already used /discord link and DM'ed the bot to link my accounts.

I have been searching for a good SMP server with a nice community, so I went onto and looked for a 1.16 SMP and this was one of the first to come up.

I have been playing for 1 day.

I plan to be active on this server for at least an hour every day for at least a year.

I have voted for Oasis from every vote link using /vote.

I agree to not give out any spawned items from any kits I will ever receive.

Zaba and Halycone both said they would be willing to vouch for me

So far my experience with the Oasis server has been wonderful. Everyone I have interacted with has been incredibly kind, and I really want to become a part of this amazing community. Now, as to why I can be trusted; personally, I love building in Minecraft. Because of this, I would never even think about griefing someone else's build, as I know how much hard work goes into builds. I have been playing Minecraft for around 8 years now, although I am on a new account (My old account was called BOMBERCREW). I know how hard it can be to gather resources, and because of that, I would never steal from someone else.

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Infintium - Member Aplication Empty Re: Infintium - Member Aplication

Post by Emna 2/9/2021, 11:49 pm

Approved! Welcome to Oasis!
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