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Appledite Member Application

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Appledite Member Application Empty Appledite Member Application

Post by Appledite 2/4/2021, 8:57 pm


Yes, I have joined discord.
About a week.
Every other day if not daily.
Yes, I voted on every site that showed up using /vote.
I agree.
Just one [comrade]GenericFern00
I want to become a member of oasis because I like the idea of a small SMP server that actually cares. After playing on this server for a week I can tell that the people care about who playing and following the rules to create a good play environment.  The server is exactly what I have been looking for community and play style-wise.

Thank you,

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Tree Puncher

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Appledite Member Application Empty Re: Appledite Member Application

Post by Emna 2/5/2021, 12:32 am

Approved! Welcome to Oasis!
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