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Application for memebr Empty Application for memebr

Post by Aidynway 1/30/2021, 7:59 pm



Yes, I have

On a Minecraft servers website

about 1 week

pretty much any time I have free time on my computer

I have voted on the available websites with /vote, but not the two stated above

yes, I agree

Tardus, ThePhantom4602, Mia, LEONALtheLION, ExtraSauce, MangoPlaysMC08

I would like to become a member because I would like to feel more at home on the server, and I can be trusted because everyone on the SMP is very nice and I have no reason to hold a grudge or be toxic towards them, as I feel it would just be a jerk move.

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Application for memebr Empty Re: Application for memebr

Post by Emna 1/30/2021, 11:14 pm

Accepted! Welcome
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