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Member application

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Member application Empty Member application

Post by YokilGamerYT Thu 28 Jan - 21:07




Searched smp serversĀ 

an hour

a long long time :)

not yet I will after this though

Yes 100%

Tardus (vetran) tiff(trusted) thephantom406(trusted)

I want to become a member of the community to chill and make friends and unwind after a day of school you can trust me because I understand what its like to be griefed as i used to play on a server where it happened constantly to me and Dont want any1 to feel the same way :)

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Member application Empty Re: Member application

Post by echolectrical Thu 28 Jan - 22:49

Approved! Welcome to the server!

Call me Echo, Ink, or Raz

Member application Uncap10
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