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Post by MrSaikoro 1/23/2021, 1:43 pm



haven't tried dc yet

i found oasis smp on some sketchy smp list website

i've been playing on this server for an hour now

i don't plan on playing on this server frequently. God dangit i just want an smp server and not apply for a college

yes, i agree to that

i don't think anyone would vouch for me as no one knows me here

i wanna become a member of oasis community because i i'm starting to like this server. idk how you can assure that i am trusted, i've helped out on several servers as a builder so i think thats a trusted position

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Post by Emna 1/23/2021, 11:21 pm

Welcome to Oasis! Application approved! Although, I do recommend you be a little bit kinder, judging by your application.
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