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progeorge09's Member Application

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progeorge09's Member Application Empty progeorge09's Member Application

Post by progeorge09 1/21/2021, 3:44 am



Yes i have used your discord link.

Well, one day i was watching a video about an "SMP" and i thought, "lets give it a go" so I went on the server list and i went to literally every server and then i found this one. I thought "This is perfect" now I'm here. 

Id say about 3 weeks all together. But i started in November last year.

I plan on being on this server. I don't really know, I guess fate decides

Yes I have voted on various different sites.

Of course, they can get it themselves.

I have quite some people who have vouched for me already including MangoPlaysMC08 and some staff have asked me before. 

I have joined this server to find a hobby. Like building or finally beating that dragon. I have also met loads of the great community and the respect coming from them. I hope i can be part of this community because i would like to share that respect with others and do amazing things on this server like setting up my warp and building awesome structures. I hope you will let me share those things.

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progeorge09's Member Application Empty Re: progeorge09's Member Application

Post by Emna 1/21/2021, 9:22 pm

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