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Post by Dev0tedDuck 1/19/2021, 4:46 am

i am Dev0tedDuck

im sorry but i dont actually have discord 

i found out about the SMP from a website online and it looked good fun so i joined with the ip and i met Leaf_lol who helped me out and i really think the community on the server is great

i have been on this server for around 5 days but i really feel like a part of the community
i have voted twice on every website for Oasis SMP

i plan on being on the server daily for atlest an hour a day

i agree to not give out spawned items from kits i will get with or after member rank

MOD emna said she would vouch for me when i asked her earlier today

i would love to be apart of the oasis community because it has such a great atmosphere and all of the people on it are really nice and welcoming its such a great place to be and i would just love to be in a community where everybody is kind and helpful and i would do my best too be helpful whenever i can!

Thank you

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Application for member Empty Re: Application for member

Post by Emna 1/19/2021, 4:52 am

Approved! Welcome to Oasis!
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