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Post by WGeboers 1/18/2021, 6:54 am

minecraft username: WGeboers
discord username: deultiemedikkenegerlul#7511
i found oasis on the beautifull internet
i have been playing for 3 days now
i play as long as i can and if im playing alone
yes i have voted for oasis       
i agree not to give any items from kits
trusted: Zaba
vouch for me: Zaba, ThePhantom
i want to be member because there are more things to do and i want to help people with building base or mining just good stuff
you can trust me because i have a history that my world was grieft al long time ago and i learned from that to never do it to somebody.
i love playing on this server sooo mutch it will mean alot to me if i can be a part of the community and help players.

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Post by Emna 1/18/2021, 4:24 pm

Approved! Welcome!
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