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Post by piend 1/17/2021, 11:05 am



I am working on it. But there is something wrong with my account.

I searched up "minecraft smp" on the internet and i am so happy i found this server.

3 days now.

I play about 1,5 hour a day. And i will continue with that.


I do 


I really like the people out here. They are nice and they are all amazing builders, and i would really love to join them. I also would really like to become better and i think this server is great for that. I can't proof i can be trusted ofcourse but i hope you will see that i am loyal and i don't cheat.

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Post by Emna 1/17/2021, 9:37 pm

Approved! However, it took me some time to find your username to promote you. If you ever make any other application again, please use your full username.
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