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Member Application - PoodlePlayer13

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Member Application - PoodlePlayer13 Empty Member Application - PoodlePlayer13

Post by PoodlePlayer13 1/10/2021, 12:29 am

Minecraft Username: PoodlePlayer13

Discord username: gnargnar#9900

1. Yes I have

2. I found it on minecraftservers.biz

3. I joined a few months ago but I started playing a lot a few days ago.

4. Every single day for a few hours

5. Yes I have voted for Oasis on every voting website linked

6. Yes, I do agree

7. Rolson17_ , LinaT , _Devil_Kitty , Zaba

8. The community is very kind and accepting. I have so much fun every day playing on the server and I think that it is very well made. I can be trusted because I respect others and everyones belongings. I make sure that I obey the Oasis Rules no matter what.
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Member Application - PoodlePlayer13 Empty Re: Member Application - PoodlePlayer13

Post by Emna 1/10/2021, 10:11 pm

Accepted! Welcome to Oasis!
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