King_Ralphio's Oasian Application

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King_Ralphio's Oasian Application Empty King_Ralphio's Oasian Application

Post by King_Ralphio 12/21/2020, 9:21 pm

roughly 4 months
3-4 Hours a day
I want oasian because i want o help oasis and i won't abuse the /item command and i found that being able to teleport people is a big help.
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King_Ralphio's Oasian Application Empty Re: King_Ralphio's Oasian Application

Post by Agwyn 12/22/2020, 3:57 pm

Emna wrote:I'm going to lock this because King_Ralphio currently does not meet the proper criteria.
Quoted from the rank descriptions post:

"Oasian is given to those players that are the pillars of the Oasis community and have played for a respectable amount of time."
I also noticed your application is a little short, so I highly recommend that you check out successful Oasian applications. Get inspired! :)

This does not mean you can't apply later on, I look forward to seeing an application from you in the future. If you'd like some tips, let me know.
I wish you the best of luck!

Before I lock this I'm going to elaborate on that what Emna said:

To apply for this rank you should have a minimum of 4-6 months of playtime on the server, this timing is based on your forum join date. According to your join date you've barely broken 3 months of playtime. Most players wait about 6+ months to a year before applying so the majority of the player base knows who they are and have built relationships with them. We also look for you to be T+ or Artisan before applying because it shows how trustworthy you are.

Consider looking at other successful Oasian Applicants, like Bluespeedy's in order to understand how to correctly apply for this rank. Please do not post another application until you meet at least the minimums I have mentioned above.

King_Ralphio's Oasian Application Agwyn_12
King_Ralphio's Oasian Application Screen11
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