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Post by xvwq 12/13/2020, 1:24 am



Yes I have. 

I searched "smp minecraft servers" on the web and I found your server, and it looked the best. 

Hm I think 3 hours I couldn't tell you. 

a lot I mean I got school and its online so ill be playing all day while i do my school work so probably everyday for at least a little bit 

No I have not voted

Yes I agree and understand

GenricFern00 said he would vouch for me. 

I really like your server I like how its made I've been playing for only around 3 hours and I already wanna stay on it for so long. I wouldn't want to get banned on a server I really enjoy playing. Now that's one reason and id rather play then I just get banned for taking someone's hard earned stuff. Smile

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Member Application! Empty Re: Member Application!

Post by Gorecore666 12/13/2020, 8:10 pm

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