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Huffle39 member application Empty Huffle39 member application

Post by huffle39 12/7/2020, 8:48 pm



No, but I can.

I googled minecraft smp servers and this was the top result running 1.16.

One week.

I'll log in once or twice every two days for a few months.

Not yet, but I can.



I want to be a member to get more sethomes so I can build several large projects. My first big one is at (275, 2550) if you want to verify. You know I can be trusted because I've been an admin on another large minecraft smp server before, called Alta Velos. I left them because they were a bit racist and I don't like that. Also, on my first day online I replanted some wheat seeds that were in a public farm.

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Huffle39 member application Empty Re: Huffle39 member application

Post by Gorecore666 12/8/2020, 2:03 am

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