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Becoming a member :)

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Becoming a member :) Empty Becoming a member :)

Post by EBrownGG 12/5/2020, 8:40 pm




A server list for SMPS.

A few weeks.

A lot, around an hour a day if I can.

Of course.


Not really, but there is nobody that would say I have caused trouble. 

I want to become a trusted member on this server, so people trust me more on certain things. I've never caused any trouble on the server, forums, or discord. 

Thanks, EBrownGG

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Becoming a member :) Empty Re: Becoming a member :)

Post by Agwyn 12/5/2020, 8:43 pm

~Approved! Welcome to Oasis!~

If you haven't already joined our discord, please do! Then you can use /discord link in-game for extra benefits!

Becoming a member :) Agwyn_12
Becoming a member :) Screen11
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