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membership application :) Empty membership application :)

Post by NoPhunlntended 11/26/2020, 12:11 am



I have not but will when I have time.

Searching for small/peaceful SMPs on a server listing website.

A grand total of 4-5 hours tops.

I will definitely play regularly, this is replacing my time that I spend on hypixel, and I have an ungodly amount of hours on that. 

Yes and will continue to do so!

I agree for sure.

I have _Devil_Kitty_ and RedCenx1527. 

In all honestly to have a colorful name/rank but I truly wanna become a part of this server, I don't have many irl friends who play survival on a regular basis and these players are filling in that empty gap. It's been such a wholesome and sweet time attending this server, even for the short amount of time I've played. I can be trusted because theres no way I could ever do damage to this server, I dont have the balls to. Everything and everyone I've come across has been amazing and so helpfull, i cant hurt these people. 

thank u for coming 2 my ted talk :)

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membership application :) Empty Re: membership application :)

Post by madscientist032 11/27/2020, 8:15 pm

Approved! NoPhunlntended is now member rank.

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