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Applying For Member - FawnD3w

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Applying For Member - FawnD3w Empty Applying For Member - FawnD3w

Post by FawnD3w 11/25/2020, 7:50 pm

• MC Username : FawnD3w

• Discord Username :   .~ | • ' Aaleyiø ' • | ~. (#2570)

• I Didn't, And Actually Don't Know How~ 

• I Don't Remember, As I Found Out About It About 4 Years Ago, It Said I Had Just Joined, But I Didn't.

• 4 Years, About. But Haven't Played Much.

• I'd Plan On Being On About, 10- Days Per Month, And Will Never Quit This Server. >:D

• Yesh. UwU

• Yup! Promise, :D

• Uh, Trusted, I Don't Understand.. QwQ

• I Wanna Become Member Because Being Unranked, Is Kinda Boring, And Love Working For Ranks, And Being Trusted By Community. I Know This Isn't Quite Much, I Don't Know How Else To Say This, ALSO, The Server Is Awesome. U Can Trust Me As I Have Never Griefed On Purpose Or Haven't Disrespected Any Rules, I Have Always Asked, Before Doing These Actions, I Have An Example, But I Might Not Make Sense; I Asked Tardus If That On The /warp farm We Can Add Blocks, If We Couldn't Reach Leaves, (As It Said, That We Have To Break The WHOLE Tree) I Probably Got His Name Wrong, Also, I Haven't Disrespected Any Rules, Unless You're Talking About The Capslock- Then That Is A Different Story. I Always Respect People. Anyways Have A AMAZING Rest Of Your Day! <3

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Tree Puncher

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Applying For Member - FawnD3w Empty Re: Applying For Member - FawnD3w

Post by Gorecore666 11/25/2020, 8:35 pm


If it feels good, than do it!

I am the Wizard!
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