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Post by Sawyer660 11/11/2020, 7:19 pm

Minecraft Username: Sawyer660

Discord Username: YaBoiSoy#2337

I am in the discord server I have not linked my account through the bot

My Friend OhTwo who was recently made a member found the server and invited me and my friend ACleverLemon119 to come play.

I would say a week or two.

A long time I like the server a lot it is a place to chill build stuff and just have fun and enjoy the community.

I have voted for Oasis I do it almost every 24 hours.

I agree to not give out any spawned items from any kit I recieve if I get a rank on this server.

I was told I dont need someone to vouch for me to get the member rank.

I want to become a member because I love how non-toxic and nice everyone is. I have played minecraft for a long time and I always hated when I would play survival and get griefed I would never wish that on another player.

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Tree Puncher

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Member Application Empty Re: Member Application

Post by madscientist032 11/12/2020, 9:11 am

Approved! Sawyer660 is now member rank.

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