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My Member Application

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My Member Application Empty My Member Application

Post by 9Volt_Satyr 11/7/2020, 9:55 pm



I have used the discord link

I wanted a good smp and a fun community and this place was the BEST thing I've ever fallen upon

A couple days

everyday. for at LEAST 3 hours a day

Yes I have

Why would I do that? it will make it a ineffectual experience if I did. it wouldn't make the game have the challenge


I have been on the server and I have been nice and happy apologized and relearned and re established the rules over and over just to make sure that the server will be at it's best. though I have done little to do so I have done just that! I HAVE done something albeit just a little but at least it's something. I have made friends in the short time I've been here and I am glad that I have... (sorry this is long I'm an author.)

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My Member Application Empty Re: My Member Application

Post by Gorecore666 11/9/2020, 12:48 am


If it feels good, than do it!

I am the Wizard!
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