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OceanBreeze23 Member Application #2

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OceanBreeze23 Member Application #2 Empty OceanBreeze23 Member Application #2

Post by OceanBreeze23 11/2/2020, 9:31 pm

User: OceanBreeze23

Discord User: Zoe#8491

Discord Stuff: I'm working on it. Idk how to do a lot and also I'm just lowkey anxious to type anything in chat LOL but I'll try to

Where did I find it: My friend found it and then we invited two of our other good friends

How long have I been playing: Since Friday night I believe (10/30/20).

Active: I plan on being very active. So far I've been active with my friend for the past few days that we have been on here. We've been doing a lot.

How often have I voted: As much as I could have since I found out you could vote

Spawned kits/gifts with member rank: Yes, I agree.

Why do I want to become a member: I would like the extra perks and I hope I get to know some of the people this way. I don't tend to talk much to other people, but I'm interested in getting to know everyone. If I can get perks with that, then I might as well. I think by doing this, it might make me feel like more a part of the community within the server. I have followed the rules and have done my best to be as respectful as possible to all of the mods and helpers of the server as well. They have been very kind and helpful.

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OceanBreeze23 Member Application #2 Empty Re: OceanBreeze23 Member Application #2

Post by Gorecore666 11/3/2020, 1:10 pm

Approved, Please don't make me regret it.

If it feels good, than do it!

I am the Wizard!
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