My Member Application Go BRRRRRR.

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My Member Application Go BRRRRRR. Empty My Member Application Go BRRRRRR.

Post by MeltedChezz 10/29/2020, 10:49 pm

User: MeltedChezz
Discord: Trimble.VinSmoke#3830
Discord Link: No I Have Not
Find Server: From My Friend LeonaltheLion
Time: About 2 Days
How Long Planned: Well, Because of the well made world and all the things that are available probably at least a year.
Vote: Yes, I Have On All Three Voting Options.
Giving out Items: Yes, Yes I Do
Vouch: My Trusted Friend LeonaltheLion.
Member: i want to become a member, because i have only played on this server for two days and because of its high quality and the time that was put into it i want to get as much as I can out of it as possible, And, I can be trusted because This server has a great community and because of all the things that come out of it i would really be ashamed if I or anyone in its community were Bullyed/Banned.

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My Member Application Go BRRRRRR. Empty Re: My Member Application Go BRRRRRR.

Post by Gorecore666 10/30/2020, 8:02 pm

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