member rank I guess ;-;

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member rank I guess ;-; Empty member rank I guess ;-;

Post by nimu8888 10/21/2020, 12:59 am


I mean to be honest I just looked it up and I went thru a bunch of smp servers and your server was just really cool and had a nice community.

Ive been playing for maybe a week I don't really know.

I usually play everyday but sometimes I might no play.

I think I have I've voted for all four voting places.

I agree to to give out any kit items with or after member rank.

not applicable

I want to become a member one because someone suggested for me to try to be a member and I really like this server because its very chill and nice.

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member rank I guess ;-; Empty Re: member rank I guess ;-;

Post by Agwyn 10/21/2020, 1:08 am

~Approved! Welcome to Oasis!~

If you haven't already joined our discord, please do! Then you can use /discord link in-game for extra benefits!

member rank I guess ;-; Agwyn_12
member rank I guess ;-; Screen11
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