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Member application Empty Member application

Post by leonalthelion 8/25/2020, 9:10 pm

Minecraft username:LEONALtheLION

Discored username:Leonalthelion

I found out about Oasis SMP when I wanted to play an SMP someone found it and sent me it

I have been playing the server for 2 days

I will try to play everyday

Yes I have voted

Yes, I agree

I haven't been vouched for on the server

I want to become member because I'm having lots of fun on the server and you could trust me because I have been playing on the server for a couple of days and I haven't griefed and also because I don't want to get banned.
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Member application Empty Re: Member application

Post by Gorecore666 8/25/2020, 9:31 pm

well nothing protects you from getting banned, but i will approve you app. Good luck!

If it feels good, than do it!

I am the Wizard!
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