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Post by Akhav on 3/12/2020, 11:56 pm

About a week ago they killed 3 or 5 of my pets
I know who it was but I will not complain to give him ban
I know I made mistakes (I stole a long time ago) and would somehow deserve to be banned (I broke that rule)
Please if there is anything I can do for you send a message
I don't want problems anymore

PS 1: I thank Maulch and Agwyn for helping me get my pets back.
I don't know how to thank you for all this

PS 2: I want to thank SeanRVAplayz for the message in my house
If you need something just ask for it: D

Sorry 111110

PS 3: Dude, I know your nickname (J ***** 00) and I'm sorry
I made mistakes but I can fix them if you allow me to
Please, I hope you answer

Sorry So10

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