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Staff Application - LlamaNinja

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Staff Application - LlamaNinja Empty Staff Application - LlamaNinja

Post by LlamaNinja 2/17/2020, 2:50 pm

Minecraft Name : LittleDoraemon
How long have you been playing Minecraft : 9 years
Why do you want to be staff : To make it a much more enjoyable place
About me : I am doing this because I want to help people, I want them to succeed, not to give up. As I said I have been playing Minecraft for 9 years and I got staff on hypixel once but it was too much for me.
I just want to help servers grow, as I am starting my own
Twitch twitch.tv/xd_llamaninja


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Staff Application - LlamaNinja Empty Re: Staff Application - LlamaNinja

Post by Blaineee 2/20/2020, 10:11 pm

Not trying to appeal or anything but I saw this and yea I had to say something,

> Oasis want's people to have played on the server for at least 6 months and to have at least the Trusted rank to apply (Most people who apply are the Oasian rank or higher and have been trusted players for years)
> When you make an application you have to use the right format
>Don't talk about starting a minecraft server on a server that you're applying to be a big part in
> When you make your application it should be pushing 1000 words and tell about your experiences and why you would be a good staff
> Last but not least, Please, PLEASE, don't self advertise on here when you're applying for a staff position

Again sorry Mike, and any other staff that see this. Have a good day everyone.


Tree Puncher
Tree Puncher

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Staff Application - LlamaNinja Empty Re: Staff Application - LlamaNinja

Post by 2iguys 2/21/2020, 12:05 am

What Blaine said is correct. Application denied and locked as you have insufficient time and rank.

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