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Scott62010 - Ban appeal Empty Scott62010 - Ban appeal

Post by scott62010 on 1/24/2020, 2:08 pm

Minecraft username: Scott62010

Mod/Admin who banned you: Unknown who placed the perma ban

Reason you were banned: Griefing into several houses.

Reason you believe you should be unbanned: I don't entirely remember the situation all that well (banned in 2014) What i do remember is at the time there was two of us near where the griefing happened. And instead of figureing out who griefed, he banned both of us.

The ban i had before which was for selling spawned items was a genuine mistake, I wasnt even aware at that time i wasnt allowed to sell spawned items (looking back on it now almost 5 - 6 years later, it was kinda dumb to think that) but for a 12 - 13 year old kid, i didnt know.

Now in my perma ban, He talks about a second minecraft account that i supposedly had. I have only ever had 1 minecraft account in my entire minecraft history and that is scott62010. Its linked to my only email account, So i have no idea what thats about.

Anyways i hope you guys can forgive me for a mistakes i made a long time ago. I was immature and although my apeal makes it seem like i done nothing wrong, that wasnt true. I was toxic back to the admins plus more. I appreciate you taking your time to read this, Thank you very much -Scott62010

Edit: the ban in 2012 part makes sense now, after i was temp banned for selling spawned items i was rude and it was changed to a perm ban. once again appologies for being rude back in the day

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Scott62010 - Ban appeal Empty Re: Scott62010 - Ban appeal

Post by madscientist032 on 1/26/2020, 8:04 am


Welcome back to the server, it's quieted down a bit, but don't let that stop you from having fun :)

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